Learn how you can manage buying processes, save time, money and mitigate risk with @Sch_Procurement

Learn how you can manage buying processes, save time, money and mitigate risk with @Sch_Procurement

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Schools Procurement Software | Derventio Education

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Control all your school spending and ensure value for money on all transactions with Schools Procurement software and buying services.

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    Taking control of your schools buying

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    Simplify tender processes

    Lead all of your own tenders and quotes simply and effectively through an online portal supported by qualified and experienced educational buyers, ensuring that the whole process is transparent, compliant, and gets you the best price and service.

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    Understanding where your school can make savings and drive value for money

    Talking your language

    Take advantage of expert advice from experienced educational buyers (CIPS qualified), who will help you to secure the best deals for your school, and provide you with hints and tips on saving money.

    Winning bids

    Ensure you’re taking advantage of appropriate grant opportunities and have the support to help you avoid the pitfalls and get it right first time, (often there are no second chances).

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Saving schools money

Designed specifically to ensure schools are receiving value for money and have full control across all of their spending, Schools Procurement will save your school valuable time and effort.

Built in conjunction with in-Tend, the procurement solution utilised by the vast majority of universities and numerous colleges throughout the UK, the software and services have been saving educational institutions money for over ten years.

  • Ensure value for money
  • Free up vital time & energy
  • Take complete spending control
  • Avoid spending pitfalls
  • Expert, experienced & qualified advice
  • Win bids 1st time round

Awarded Memberships

Schools Procurement software and services will help your school to clearly and effectively manage all school spending, and positively impact your budgets by helping to stretch them even further and make savings.