Find out why @CollegeiP is the simplest and most effective way to manage lecturer and staff appraisal in colleges. #edtech #educhat #ukfechat

Find out why @CollegeiP is the simplest and most effective way to manage lecturer and staff appraisal in colleges. #edtech #educhat #ukfechat

CollegeiP | Appraisal Software for Colleges - Derventio Education

CollegeiP | Appraisal Software for Colleges
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    College Improvement Planning

    CollegeiP streamlines the process of college improvement planning:

    • Whole College Priorities (Strategic Targets)
    • Individual Activities/Tasks

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    Self-Assessment Report

    Complete your self-assessment with ease using pre-defined templates to support self-evaluation:

    • Ofsted Forms
    • ASCL Forms devised by ASCL/Tony Thornley
    • Any bespoke template of your choice

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    Monitoring and Observations

    CollegeiP supports a wide range of monitoring activities including:

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    Staff Appraisal

    CollegeiP seamlessly aligns college priorities with staff appraisal objectives in a tiered approach:

    • Strategic objectives relating to the organisation priorities
    • Development plan objectives
    • Personal targets

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    Professional Standards

    Form a holistic view of staff strengths and areas for development to identify their individual development needs. Staff performance can be assessed against professional standards:

    • Professional Standards for FE teachers
    • ISBL Business Leader Standards
    • Any bespoke standards of your choice

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    Professional Development

    Build a comprehensive record of an individual’s performance over time to identify their strengths and areas for improvement:

    • Comprehensive management of all training.
    • CPD is aligned to individual and college priorities.
    • Staff make requests based on their professional needs.
    • Impact of staff training is easily evaluated.
    • Whole college INSET needs effortlessly identified.

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    Capturing Surveys from Key Stakeholders

    Capturing Surveys in CollegeiP from key stakeholders like pupils/students, parents and staff could not be simpler.

    In CollegeiP you can define your own forms and a series of questions designed to gain a picture of the views of your stakeholders. You can choose from a bank of our existing templates and build upon them or design your own from scratch. 

    CollegeiP have a wealth of monitoring templates for monitoring pupils/students, parents and staff which contribute to the fuller picture provided by the new "deep dive" process.

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  • "The system is well designed and creates efficiency in a number of College processes, most significantly for us in the observation and appraisal process."

    Chris Formosa, HR Business Partner, Barking and Dagenham College

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  • "The level of support that I receive is consistently very good. If I ever have any queries, I make contact via email and always receive a prompt reply."

    Tam Breeze, Quality Manager, Kendal College

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  • "I recommend CollegeIP to local colleges and schools – I literally rave about it! It’s so easy to use and so effective and one of the biggest bonuses is the positive reception we have had from staff, who were onboard with using it within a week!"

    Maria Dean, CPD Director, Huddersfield New College

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  • "Through friendly, efficient and personable service, the CollegeiP representative has helped us unlock the system to become something which will be truly transformational for the College."

    Ruth Redfern, Human Resources Director, Burton and South Derbyshire College

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Our family of happy colleges just keeps growing...

Every college has the opportunity to be outstanding

CollegeiP serves as a complete college improvement solution seamlessly linking college self-assessment, planning, appraisals and professional development.

Our solution means that all members of staff are contributing to whole college improvement. Staff have a clear understanding of their roles, responsibilities, personal strengths and areas for improvement.

CollegeiP empowers your staff to clearly see how they are contributing to your college's improvement journey.

  • Track and evaluate all college improvement
  • Easily demonstrate all improvements
  • Integrate all improvement processes
  • Save valuable time, effort and money
  • Involve all staff
  • Develop, nurture and value your staff

Awarded Members

CollegeiP enables all your staff to clearly see how they are making a difference and supports your college to be outstanding.