Develop a self-reflective culture

Develop a self-reflective culture

Our lives are extremely busy, exhausting and sometimes overwhelming. We seem to be ‘on the go’ 24/7, with no quality time to stop and think. We naturally question ourselves and make comparisons with others, but there is always a balancing act between the positivity of striving to improve, to better ourselves, and the negativity of self doubt, depression and insecurity. An imbalance can impact on our own well being. Reflection provides us with the opportunity to step back and take a look at our achievements, our challenges and allows us time to process information on how to improve, learn new things, and share our thoughts and ideas with others. Our ability to step back from challenging or difficult situations gives us strength, knowledge and resilience for the next steps in our journey of life. Our ability to successfully self-reflect is a learnt behaviour and requires time to practice, to develop and refine the skill. Every person is unique and therefore everyone, as reflection is a deeply personal experience, needs to find their own way to successfully reflect as ‘one size does not fit all’.


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