Work Scrutiny - Free Template

Work Scrutiny - Free Template

Andy Goodeve Andy Goodeve
October 2021

A work scrutiny is a review of pupils/students work and it acts as a checkpoint to monitor, evaluate and review progress over time. There is a danger that work scrutiny, as with other monitoring, can be perceived as unwanted checking up exercise. With this in mind, work scrutiny needs to be viewed positively as a way of identifying the quality of teaching and learning best practice, professional development and support.

Clear communication is required to ensure that the work scrutiny has maximum impact. Transparency ensures that staff are notified of its purpose and when it is taking place. Work scrutiny is judging the impact of quality teaching on the learning of the pupil/student. A quality of teaching judgement is made in conjunction with other forms of monitoring including lesson observations, data analysis and discussions. With this in mind, it is worthwhile using work scrutiny to monitor the following:

  • Consistent implementation of whole-school and departmental policies e.g. marking and feedback.
  • Expectations.
  • Progress.
  • curriculum coverage and how schemes of work look in practice.

The most important part of the work scrutiny is the quality of the feedback. A work scrutiny forms the basis for the positive improvement and development of teaching and learning, not as negative criticism. Good practice should be celebrated and shared throughout your staff.

Recording a Work Scrutiny

Prior to undertaking a work scrutiny, we advise that areas focus are chosen. Observers then have clarity on what they are looking for and feedback can be much more focused and specific. In order to gather effective feedback, you are welcome to download our free templates.

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Recording a Work Scrutiny SchooliP

Using SchooliP means that powerful data is automatically collated which allows trends to be identified. Findings are managed in one central area and senior leaders are able to make informed strategic planning decisions based on robust data. The effectiveness of school or trust policies can be monitored with ease as bespoke categories can be entered into any form of your choosing in SchooliP.

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