MAT Development Plan Dashboard

At SchooliP we understand how important it is to have key accurate information at your fingertips. We have worked in partnership with our MAT community to create an easy-to-use SDP dashboard that allows MATs to easily and instantly compare live, in real-time, The School Development Plans across their academies. Our approach to our SDP dashboard assists MATs in creating rigorous, robust, and accurate improvement planning. 

From the MAT dashboard, the central team is able to easily access an academy's SDP, to ‘deep dive’ and gain a greater understanding of progress against priorities, objectives, and activities and the related evidence. Click on any measure to ‘drill down’ from an aggregated trust-level view all the way to the academy-specific level that can be easily filtered to create custom reports to be shared with stakeholders. 

MATs have strategic plans that are able to seamlessly sit within the academy plans and provide clear evidence that all of the MAT priorities are being addressed by the academy.  The central team is able to regularly review the strategic plans, alongside the schools' SDPs, to ensure that the strategic plan is fit for purpose. 

Our SDP functionality assists academies on their improvement journey: refining and amending their priorities, objectives, and activities; focusing on specific teaching and learning issues, building capacity and engaging in networking with other schools in the MAT and beyond. 

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