Lesson Observations - Free Templates

Lesson Observations - Free Templates

Andy Goodeve Andy Goodeve
October 2021

Lesson observations, along with work scrutiny, data analysis and discussions are common practice in schools. However; lesson observations are a continual source of debate within education. To give prior notice, how much prior notice, length and to grade or not to grade is a well-trodden path. Here at SchooliP, we recognise their importance as one of the effective means of 'judging' the quality of teaching and learning, identifying staff strengths and areas for development.

The most important aspect of a lesson observation is the quality of feedback afterwards. With a positive focus on professional improvement, observations offer a superb opportunity to empower, inspire, share successful practice and observe different teaching styles. New teachers often seem to benefit the most from lesson observations as they are still formulating their own teaching style, but everyone is a learner so everyone can improve with the appropriate support and guidance.

Recording Lesson Observations

Prior to undertaking a lesson observation, we advise for an area or areas of focus to be chosen. There are numerous aspects that can be observed in the classroom so observers have clarity of focus on what they are looking for and the feedback can have more impact as it is much more specific. This lends itself well to a coaching culture where skill development is at the heart of the exercise.

In order to gather effective feedback, you are welcome to download our free templates that show two alternative approaches to lesson observations.

Have you ever encountered SchooliP?

Our cloud-based solution SchooliP is the simplest and most effective way to manage monitoring in schools. We are proud to support schools with a wide range of improvement processes including appraisals, professional development, improvement planning and self-evaluation.

Recording Lesson Observations in SchooliP

Using SchooliP means that powerful data is automatically collated which allows trends to be identified. Observations are carried out in real-time on either a tablet or laptop. This removes all paper from the process and improves efficiency. Bespoke forms can be created that are specific to the needs of your school and SchooliP also supports video lesson observations which can be shared amongst colleagues to demonstrate good practice.

We find that data gathered from lesson observations are very useful for determining professional development needs. Looking across whole school performance will help to identify where improvements can be made. CPD sessions can be arranged for staff where help is required in a given area of expertise.

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