iP and Governors

Governors, as volunteers, usually with busy professional and personal lives of their own, are the unsung heroes of the profession and are asked to commit their valuable time to carry a heavy responsibility in improving educational standards so that children and young people have the chance to realise their full potential. 


‘Trustees and governors are, in my view, the unsung heroes of the system.’ 

Sir David Carter Former National Schools Commissioner


Governors are responsible for overseeing the management side of a school: strategy, policy, budgeting and staffing. They enable the school to run as effectively as possible. They are there as a ‘critical friend’ to provide challenge, holding to account the Head and the school’s senior leadership team, by questioning the school’s performance, and are there to support and take responsibility for the Head’s wellbeing.


Assembling an effective governing body isn’t easy, not only about recruiting the necessary numbers, but if the board is going to work effectively, it needs governors who are comfortable with all kinds of tasks: from sifting through hefty policy reports and picking apart data to communicating with parents.

No one person will be able to do all of these things, but it is important that collaboratively they have a range of expertise that includes an understanding of:

1 Financial and legal legislation

2 Clear communication

3 Business 

4 Data 

5 Education.


Beyond all, a Governor needs commitment, enthusiasm, confidence in their role to improve the lives of children and young people. They are our future and schools provide them with the necessary foundations in helping them achieve their potential.


How can Governors use iP?

Governors can be set up as users on your iP system as can any other user.  The settings behind their user rights will dictate how much of the system they will see, which staff members’ performance management is shared with them, and the level of functionality.


Access to their Work Area

As with many areas of iP, your site can be set up in a bespoke way to suit your organisation.  However, as a standard model, it’s suggested a Governors’ Work Area could be set up as follows:-

  • User Rights - set to give the functionality in a Work Area:-
    • Collaborator
    • Activity Feed
    • Evidence (for the Governor to store their own notes and documents) 

  • Standards (to assign a set of Governor Standards with the expectation of  only the Governor to review)

  • CPD

  • Areas for Development
  • SEF - Set to view only
  • SDP/QIP - Set to view only
  • Blogs

  • Sharing - with selected users only
  • Set to give the functionality in the Contents Menu:-
    • Sharing Feed
    • Help
    • Live Chat


Access NOT given in a Governor’s Work Area

In this example model, the Governors are NOT given access to the following in their Work Area, but a tweak of the settings could change this, if necessary, for your organisation:-


  • User Rights - set NOT to give the functionality in a Work Area:-
    • Objectives
    • Monitoring and observations
    • Video Annotations
  • Set NOT to give the functionality in the Contents Menu:-
    • Users and Groups
    • Settings


Will the Governors see the Work Area of staff?

In this model, only the Chair of Governors is set to be the line manager of the Headteacher/Principal.  Again, if necessary, a tweak of the settings can turn this functionality off. 


If I am a customer, what do I need to do to set this up on my iP site?

Simply call and ask to speak with your Customer Success Manager to discuss your training needs. 


If I am not a customer, what do I do to find out more?

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