How to communicate
school improvement plans

Education Bill: How to communicate school improvement plans to parents - a soon to be legal requirement.

A clause within the 2015/2016 Education and Adoption Bill will place a legal duty on trusts, looking to convert a currently maintained school in England, to share their improvement plans to parents; outlining how exactly they will turn around the failing or coasting school.

In order to facilitate this legal change, an academy will have to have a succinct process for producing reports outlining the academy’s improvement plan. However, producing these reports will have to be both efficient and straight forward and not consume valuable leadership and administration resources.

How to communicate school improvement plans?

SchooliP is used by hundreds of schools to facilitate school improvement plans as part of a fully integrated system. The system allows you to:

  • Create long and short term school development plan strategies
  • Automatically link activities from the Self-evaluation (SEF) module to enable all corrective actions to be recorded and monitored
  • Involve external stakeholders in the development and improvement plan process
  • Store and easily access the development plan online
  • Save valuable time and streamline processes
  • Publish automatically generated reports.

SchooliP also allows for simple omission of any confidential information not appropriate or applicable for parents (such as personal details).

There is no duplication of work. You do not have to create something extra to share with parents or other stakeholders - it is all part of an integrated process.

SchooliP is ideal for sharing information in automated reports which can be downloaded or published on your school website, included as part of an email newsletter or simply printed off. SchooliP is the leading software for directly & automatically linking performance management, improvement planning and self-evaluation. This is an ideal opportunity to see how the SchooliP software will work for your school.

You can view the latest information regarding the Education and Adoption Bill here.

This is very exciting time to find out more about SchooliP! We have just launched V.8 of the software which features a completely reworked interface with a brand new look and feel to improve the user experience, as well as a number of updates to further meet the requirements of school staff. In addition, we have launched the innovative SchooliP App which is the first of its kind and will provide teachers and leaders with a simple and effective way to update their performance management progress from a wide range of devices and platforms.

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