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How can SchooliP help your multi-academy trust?

How can SchooliP help your multi-academy trust?

Stuart Reece Stuart Reece
October 2021

SchooliP embodies the collaborative model of multi-academy trusts by encouraging the sharing of best practice and increasing efficiency. Making effective use of limited resources is a constant challenge within education. We recognise that CEOs, Board Members and Executive Headteachers are responsible for procedures that determine the effectiveness of a trust.

Our software is proven to streamline performance management, identifying practices that can easily be shared and replicated. We know that SchooliP can drive up collective standards to nurture and develop your most valued asset – your staff. Here we discuss a number of ways in which this can be achieved.


Centred around the appraisal process, SchooliP is able to support Multi Academy Trusts in implementing trust wide policies. Collective objectives can be assigned to all teachers to reflect trust priorities. These can sit alongside objectives aimed at helping them to improve as practitioners and contribute to improving the education of pupils.

Overall, the outcome is a structure that is fully integrated which revolves around driving improvement. A report is generated for each teacher which is an assessment of their performance, training needs and a recommendation on pay progression. For the trust, a consistent approach to performance management means that collective standards can be assessed which aids the strategic decision making process particularly resource allocation.


In today’s evidence based culture, a system that records key information is paramount to promoting equality and fairness. This is particularly prevalent for decisions on performance-related pay. This element of SchooliP allows appraisers to recommend pay progression on the basis of clear evidence collated over the course of an academic year.

Therefore, the transparent nature of SchooliP helps trust leaders to avoid putting themselves in vulnerable positions. Standard operating procedures can easily be implemented to ensure measured consultation on pay decisions. SchooliP actively promotes consistency and instills a culture of transparency.

Best Practice

We understand that collaboration is a key priority for multi academy trusts. Combining expertise with partner schools enables best practice to be at the forefront of your operations. Collaborations between schools can bring substantial benefits such as the opportunity to think strategically together, share expertise, retain staff in the group and make cost savings via bulk purchasing.

In utilising the Teachers’ Standards, SchooliP is able to produce individual radar diagrams to identify skills sets and collective strengths/weaknesses in individual schools. This allows talented staff to be easily identified and deployed into coaching, mentoring and INSET delivery. Making use of your own staff helps to reduce the cost of CPD, enhance the skills of teachers in need of support and empower your most talented practitioners. Our software enables the sharing of best practice to become fully embedded into your operations and to promote continuous improvement amongst your staff.

Our experience informs us that regardless of your status within a multi-academy trust, SchooliP can directly benefit you.

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