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Effectively Managing the Probation Process in Schools and Colleges

Picture of Andy Goodeve  Andy Goodeve 27 June 2024

Managing probationary periods for new staff in educational institutions is crucial for ensuring that the right personnel are in place and that they are well-supported to succeed. Using a comprehensive performance management system like SchooliP can significantly enhance this process, providing a structured and transparent framework for evaluating and supporting new employees. Here’s how SchooliP can be leveraged to manage probation effectively, with insights from Derventio Education

Establishing Clear Objectives and Expectations

Define Probation Goals

At the outset of the probation period, it’s essential to set clear objectives and expectations. SchooliP allows administrators to outline specific goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) for new staff. This ensures that both the school and the employee have a shared understanding of what success looks like.

Continuous Feedback

Regular feedback is vital during the probation period. With SchooliP, managers can provide ongoing feedback through its integrated communication tools, ensuring that new staff receive timely and constructive input. This helps in identifying areas of improvement early on and provides the support needed for professional growth.

Monitoring Progress and Performance

Performance Tracking

SchooliP's performance tracking features enable administrators to monitor the progress of probationary staff continuously. This includes tracking attendance, lesson observations, and other performance metrics. As noted by Trevor Gray from Wellingborough School, “The ability to keep data all in one place is extremely beneficial for us as a school.”

Data-Driven Decisions

Using the data collected, SchooliP provides insights that help in making informed decisions about whether a staff member has met the required standards to pass their probation. The system’s comprehensive reporting tools offer a clear picture of performance over time.

Providing Support and Development

Professional Development

Supporting new staff through targeted professional development is crucial. SchooliP allows schools to create personalised development plans based on the needs identified during the probation period. As highlighted in Derventio Education's article 'Supporting Probationary Periods for Staff', professional development opportunities are essential in helping staff meet their objectives and integrate into the school environment.

Mentorship and Guidance

SchooliP facilitates the assignment of mentors to probationary staff, ensuring they have experienced colleagues to guide them. Regular check-ins and mentorship meetings can be scheduled and tracked within the system.

Enhancing Communication and Collaboration

Effective Communication

Clear and transparent communication is a cornerstone of successful probation management. SchooliP’s communication tools ensure that all stakeholders, including probationary staff, mentors, and administrators, are kept in the loop. This fosters a collaborative environment where issues can be addressed promptly.

Feedback Mechanisms

SchooliP supports various feedback mechanisms, including surveys and direct feedback forms, allowing new staff to voice their concerns and suggestions. This two-way communication helps in refining the probation process and addressing any potential issues early.

Review and Decision Making

Structured Reviews

At the end of the probation period, a structured review process is essential. SchooliP enables schools to conduct thorough reviews based on the data and feedback collected throughout the probation. This ensures a fair and transparent evaluation process.

Informed Decisions

The comprehensive insights provided by SchooliP facilitate informed decision-making regarding the continuation or termination of employment. This data-driven approach helps in making objective and fair decisions.

Testimonials and Insights

"SchooliP has streamlined our improvement planning process." - Tudor Hall School

"The reporting features are particularly useful." - USP College

"A comprehensive platform for professional development." - Bleak Hill Primary School

These testimonials underscore the significant impact SchooliP can have on managing and supporting staff, including those in their probationary periods.


Using SchooliP to manage probationary periods in schools and colleges ensures a structured, transparent, and supportive process. By setting clear objectives, providing continuous feedback, monitoring performance, and offering tailored support, SchooliP helps schools and colleges ensure that new staff are well-integrated and positioned for success.

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