Woodlea Primary School


Woodlea Primary School, County Durham, is on Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’ primary. Philip Adamson, the headteacher, wanted to know how he could harness the power of SchooliP to integrate his school’s performance management (including CPD for staff), improvement planning and self evaluation, in one, easy to use system.

We asked Philip about how he implemented SchooliP with his existing systems:

“Implementing SchooliP into our School did not mean we had to change our systems, we upgraded our paper based functions to a digital system which is now fully integrated and can be centrally accessed.”

Philip was keen to integrate his school improvement processes and discover how this could be achieved with SchooliP. We asked him, after implementing the software, what he thought:

"Everything is now interlinked and forms a cycle." - Philip Adamson, Headteacher

“Everything now talks to each other, no boundaries for SEF, School Improvement, Performance Management or CPD; everything is now interlinked and forms a cycle. SchooliP makes the links easily and more obvious.”

The SchooliP dashboard allows you to quickly see all of your key areas for school improvement. From the dashboard, you can filter down to specific areas such as individual departments or even staff members. You can clearly see how each element for school improvement are tied in together, for example within staff performance management, you can link staff objectives to areas for development and monitor the progress and outcomes throughout the year.

Philip stated that after implementing SchooliP his staff felt in control of their own performance management:

Everything is now interlinked and forms a cycle.

Philip Adamson


“SchooliP empowered staff to take control of their own performance management and ensure that this is not just something controlled by senior leaders. We particular love the blog feature to encourage ongoing communication.”

Philip continued:

“Staff also love the fact they can upload any type of file as evidence, allowing for a staff point of view when collating evidence. The system then puts it all together for you, saving considerable time!”

We asked Philip what his favourite part of SchooliP is:

“Thanks to SchooliP everything is in one place, the ‘my review page’ is fantastic: evidence, targets and standards are all there in front of you”

Philip added:

“I am actually looking forward to next year’s reviews as all the evidence will be collated in one place and it will be far easier to access all the information we need”

We then asked how Philip and his team found the SchooliP training:

“Training is very straight forward to setup; the support team are always able to help us with any of our needs”.

We’re proud of how highly our customers rate our support and we continually strive to maintain these high levels of satisfaction. Although the system is extremely user friendly, you can be confident that there is always the support there should you need it. We have telephone, email and live support within the system and offer online training all of which is completely free. We can also provide onsite training sessions.

We asked Philip if he had any comments he would like to share:

“We recently had a visit from our local authority advisor, who just happens to be training as an Ofsted Inspector, he was ‘blown away' by the software”

We continue to work closely with Philip and his team and we are so pleased that the software is having a positive impact on his school improvement.

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