When establishing training for new SchooliP customers, we can provide specialist sessions for administrators, senior leaders and teachers. We find that this enables the basics of the system to be covered and provides a platform for users to then maximise the power of SchooliP. We were delighted to receive such positive feedback from Max Robinson, Lead Tutor at The School Centred Initial Teacher Training Leeds following a training session. SCITT Leeds is a provider of teacher training for graduates in a school environment.

I loved the very individual approach the trainer took. He listened to what we wanted, thought carefully about it and then offered a viable solution. He was not afraid to guide us down a different path if he felt it would work better due to his knowledge of the system. He was a very personable and knowledgeable young man.

Max Robinson Lead Tutor - The School Centred Initial Teacher Training Leeds

Our lead trainer possesses an excellent working knowledge of SchooliP and he also acts as part of our support team. SchooliP is the simplest and most effective way to manage teacher and staff appraisals. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our users. The adaptability of SchooliP means that it offers bespoke features. Our friendly team of developers are able to tailor the product to meet your needs. The software is traditionally used in schools; however, it can easily be adapted for any education environment.

SchooliP will enable Max and his team to track the progress of trainee teachers against the teachers’ standards. This will ensure that core competencies to be monitored from afar over the course of school based teacher training. For Leeds SCITT, SchooliP provides a framework to ensure that trainee teachers are meeting expectations and the required standards.

Our training sessions equip users with new skills and knowledge which they are then able to pass onto their colleagues. Throughout our training sessions there are regular opportunities for questions alongside instruction.

To conclude our discussion, Max offered the following viewpoint of SchooliP.

The software is a great way to centralise the internal processes of any education training. I love the personalisation the system offers so staff feel it is about them, not a generic process.

We are very pleased that our training has enabled Max and his team to feel confident in using SchooliP. If you are an existing customer and you would like to find out more about our training options, please call 0333 0433 450 (option 1) or email: Please remember that we provide all online training free of charge.

If you are new to SchooliP and would like to find out more, please call 0333 0433 450 (option 2) to speak to a member of our sales team or email: Alternatively, please click here to arrange an onsite demonstration.

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