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SchooliP has been an integral part of Saffron Valley Collegiate’s journey in coordinating performance management throughout their multi-site pupil referral unit. Here, Headteacher, Jenny Adamson outlines how introducing SchooliP has had a very positive effect on staff who educate 180 learners.

We faced a challenge to bring together four PRU’s into one, especially as they are located on different sites. Staff work between the sites and have more than one line-manager. It was a challenge to bring together performance management for different PRU’s where different ideas were evident about school improvement and school development.

Jenny Adamson Headteacher - Saffron Valley Collegiate

It is evident that a lot of coordination was required to effectively set up SchooliP to meet Jenny’s needs. She was very clear on what was needed from an electronic performance management system.

Our task was to operate as a single cohesive unit that could effectively monitor staff performance and the impact of their teaching. We wanted to be able to measure outcomes centred around learning. Around 75 members of staff are directly employed, along with other tutors working on a short-term basis. Overall, it was a priority that we were not just doing performance management, but doing it well!

We are delighted that SchooliP was chosen by Saffron Valley Collegiate to manage their performance processes.

SchooliP provides a clear vision and is a mechanism for managing performance. It is robust, but not onerous. SchooliP works well for multi-sites where staff have more than one manager. It is great how SchooliP provides a secure platform where users only see the information that is relevant to them.

A key selling point of SchooliP is that elements can be customised to meet the idiosyncratic needs of schools.

One of our senior leaders came across SchooliP and we are very pleased that we found it so early in our development. SchooliP was in place during the first year of purchase. It really helped that the system was built to our requirements with our own lesson observation proforma. This has proved so much easier than a paper-based approach.

We asked Jenny to elaborate on why SchooliP has been so successful.

It gives us all the right information which is good for reporting to our management committee. I can immediately gain a whole school view with SchooliP. Our school development plan can be worked on by anyone and senior leaders can maintain an overall link.

Jenny explained that not all of SchooliP’s capabilities are being used at present. In the future, they may use our solution to manage CPD, self-evaluation and further monitoring activities. Nevertheless, that are very satisfied.

We would recommend SchooliP without hesitation. It works very well for a multi-site establishment. The same is true for departments in a single school, as it effectively brings all the different elements together.

In identifying the impact of SchooliP, Jenny was quick to praise the effect it has had on her staff.

SchooliP definitely improves standards and reduces workloads. We can capture the right information about staff to ensure the right people have what they need to make effective decisions. This helps to reduce workloads; for example, our overall Head of Science has fewer phone calls to make to line-managers within the different provisions, as SchooliP links data together. Our performance management objectives directly feed into our school development plan. Having everything in the same place means processes are efficient, which helps to drive up standards.

Finally, Jenny had a parting comment concerning the impact of SchooliP.

At our last Ofsted inspection, they said it felt like we were just one school. SchooliP has been a huge factor in this.

We are delighted that SchooliP supports cohesion across different sites. If you would like to experience the benefits that are enjoyed by Jenny and her colleagues at Saffron Valley Collegiate, please get in touch. We would be delighted to arrange an onsite demonstration of SchooliP for you. Please contact our sales advisors on 0333 0433 450 or Alternatively, click here to arrange a demonstration.

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