Newman Catholic School

Newman Catholic School, a secondary school with 600 students in Carlisle uses SchooliP to satisfy their school improvement needs. In using our software, coordination is enjoyed between their appraisals, School Improvement Plan and Self Evaluation Form. Records are updated in real time and this streamlined process means that tasks can quickly be completed in a detailed manner. As a fully integrated system, work carried out in one section automatically updates elsewhere.

In conversation with Jackie Brough, Assistant Headteacher, we asked how SchooliP has changed performance management at the school.

Staff can access their appraisal information anytime and the shared working model works well, as it reduces the number of face to face meetings which can be difficult to organise. The whole process can be completed much quicker and in greater detail. There are no more lost documents or misplaced files. SchooliP is straightforward to set up and it has already paid for itself in saved printing costs.

Jackie Brough Assistant Headteacher - Newman Catholic School

The school purchased the software following a recommendation from a nearby school. A trial was arranged and there was no going back for Jackie and her colleagues.

Staff reacted positively to SchooliP. It saves them time and has led to a better understanding of the appraisal process. It is easy to use and they particularly like the opportunity to upload files as evidence.

We are delighted by this positive response to SchooliP and this has led to many benefits at Newman Catholic School.

The whole appraisal process is now more efficient. Staff carry out preparation prior to their meetings. This means conversations are more fluid and evidence of achievements are a lot easier to demonstrate. Staff have responded well to the system as they understand that it will save them time.

To conclude our conversation with Jackie, we asked her to summarise her experience of using SchooliP.

It is an efficient and integrated system to ensure school improvement is successful. I would say it is worth investing in from the perspective of saving precious time and reduced printing costs.

If you would like to experience the benefits enjoyed by Newman Catholic School, please contact our sales team on 0333 0433 450 or email: Alternatively, click here to arrange on onsite or online demonstration of SchooliP.

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