Dashboard views give you a complete view of all your audits and then allows you to drill down to see a more detailed view.


Create your own audits and share with stakeholders. Audits can be built up using multiple question types.


Communicate back and forth with users in a single centralised system.


Documents can be upload to the audit to support the response.

Trust Views

If you are working in the school sector then trusts can login and see results across their schools.


Define unlimited users with different levels of access based on their level of responsibility.

About Scrutiny

Scrutiny from Derventio Education is the trusted audit platform for many organisations. It is used to run audit requirements for organisations with 1,000’s of users. Scrutiny allows you to create your own bespoke audits and gather responses from key stakeholders.

" Scrutiny is an effective way to manage your online
audits. "  |

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Scrutiny is an effective way to manage your online audits.

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