The role of a chair of governors

Being a chair of governors is an important role. We discuss some best practices to ensure success.

Stuart Reece  Stuart Reece
29 November 2023
Being a chair of governors is an important role that involves leadership, communication, and a commitment to the betterment of educational institutions. Here are some best practices:

Clear Communication: Ensure effective communication between the governors, school leadership, staff, and parents. Regular meetings, newsletters, and open-door policies can facilitate this.

Strategic Planning: Collaborate on setting long-term goals and a vision for the school. Align these objectives with the school's values and mission.

Governance Training: Encourage continuous development among governors. Training sessions or workshops can keep everyone informed about changes in education policy, best practices, and governance responsibilities.

Monitoring Performance: Regularly review and monitor the school's performance against set goals. Use data and reports to assess progress and make informed decisions.

Support the Headteacher: Offer support and constructive feedback to the headteacher. Establish a healthy working relationship built on trust and respect.

Financial Oversight: Ensure responsible financial management. Regularly review budgets, expenditures, and financial reports.

Policy Development: Work on developing and reviewing policies related to various aspects of the school's functioning, including safeguarding, curriculum, and behaviour.

Engage with the Community: Foster positive relationships with the local community, businesses, and other stakeholders. This can benefit the school through partnerships, resources, and opportunities for students.

Promote Inclusivity and Diversity: Encourage a school environment that is inclusive and celebrates diversity. This involves creating policies and practices that support equality among students and staff.

Conflict Resolution: Have protocols in place for addressing conflicts or disagreements within the governing body or between the school and external parties.

Remember, being adaptable and responsive to changing educational landscapes is key. As a chair, your role is pivotal in guiding the governing body to work effectively for the benefit of the school community.


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