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BRAVOLesson is Iceland's school improvement solution of choice

BRAVOLesson becomes the school improvement solution of choice for schools in Iceland boasting 52% of all Primary Schools

Picture of Stuart Reece  Stuart Reece 31 October 2023

BRAVOLesson by Successful Schools is a robust solution providing processes and pre-made audits and matrixes adapted to the Icelandic school system. 

The system facilitates a meticulous evaluation of predefined quality standards, assessing the efficacy of ongoing processes and practices. 

Moreover, schools can integrate their educational strategy for monitoring progress. 

The insights garnered from this self-assessment become the base for creating the school's improvement plan within BRAVOLesson. 

Beyond these features, many Icelandic schools employ BRAVOLesson for its lesson observation capabilities, offering invaluable professional feedback to teachers and valuable statistics for school improvement for school leaders. 

Vilborg Einarsdóttir, Founder and CEO in Iceland, commented “It has been a privilege to work together with Derventio Education in creating a robust solution for Icelandic schools. We are proud to inform you that we have approximately 52% of all primary schools leveraging BRAVOLesson to enhance their educational standards”.

BRAVOLesson is simply a white-labelled version of our world-renowned educational improvement tool - SchooliP, which is licenced for sale in Iceland, Sweden and Denmark.

Stuart Reece, Managing Director of Derventio Education stated “Working with our partners in Sweden, Iceland and Denmark has been a very positive experience and together we’re continuing to support improving schools across the world”.

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