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Derventio Education delighted to sponsor Derby Community Trust

Stuart Reece  Stuart Reece 13 June 2024

Derventio Education are delighted to sponsor the Derby Community Trust's Rams in Kenya initiative! Here's a detailed look at what this sponsorship entails and the benefits it brings:

Overview of the Sponsorship

Derventio Education's Involvement:

  • Financial Support: Derventio Education has provided financial resources to support the Rams in Kenya project. This funding can be utilised for travel expenses for volunteers, educational supplies, sports equipment, and infrastructure projects.
  • Derby Community Trust's Rams in Kenya Initiative:
    • Volunteer Engagement: Volunteers from Derby County Football Club and the wider Derby community travel to Kenya to participate in various community development activities. These include teaching, sports coaching, and infrastructure development.
    • Community Projects: The initiative typically involves building and renovating school facilities, providing educational workshops, and organizing sports activities to encourage physical fitness and teamwork.

Benefits of the Sponsorship

  1. Sports and Physical Development
    • Coaching and Sports Activities: Children participate in sports coaching sessions, which help promote physical health, teamwork, and discipline.
    • Leadership Skills: Engagement in sports helps develop leadership skills and fosters a sense of community among the children.
  2. Infrastructure Improvement
    • School Renovations: The project often includes building and renovating school facilities, creating safer and more effective learning environments.
    • Community Spaces: Improved community facilities provide valuable spaces for various activities and gatherings, benefiting the broader community.
  3. Cultural Exchange and Global Awareness
    • Cultural Understanding: The interaction between volunteers and local community members promotes cultural exchange and mutual understanding.
    • Global Citizenship: Initiatives like this encourage a sense of global citizenship, emphasizing the importance of supporting communities around the world.


The sponsorship of the Rams in Kenya initiative by Derventio Education underscores a strong commitment to global community development.

By supporting education and sports, this partnership helps create meaningful and lasting benefits for children and communities in Kenya. It also promotes values of teamwork, leadership, and cultural understanding, contributing to the overall goal of fostering a more interconnected and supportive global community.

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