Celsus allows you to create and share all your latest news articles. This ensures that all your members are kept abreast with your current developments. Articles can be easily uploaded and direct feedback from members can be obtained. Furthermore, forums are available where members can exchange ideas and network.


All of your events such as training and social occasions can be quickly communicated with your database. Full booking systems and payment gateways are included to increase convenience for purchases. This enhances event management and improves engagement with members.


Celsus’ upload feature allows documents to be quickly posted online. This allows members to access useful information in a convenient and central place. Our secure log in system means that access levels to sensitive information can be controlled.


Your membership database can easily be managed as sensitive information is securely stored. Resources can quickly be shared with members and interaction is actively encouraged. Collaboration is at the heart of the Celsus and it helps to facilitate interaction.


All major platforms are supported for easy processing of payments. This helps give piece of mind for members that they are making secure monetary transfers. Members are able to log into the site and have full password security. Celsus promotes efficiency and ensures that revenue is collected immediately.


Celsus allows the creation of bespoke surveys that can be shared with your members or publicly available. Surveys can be used for customer satisfaction, event feedback etc.


Celsus from Derventio Education is the trusted content management system for many organisations. It is used to oversee membership systems and has the capacity to cater for organisations with 1,000’s of users. Celsus is the complete tool for your website and its automated processes have the power to save valuable time for administrators. Celsus encourages collaboration and greater cohesion amongst members. Overall, members are able to easily access the information they require and website activity is increased.

" Celsus is an effective way to manage your online content to enhance the experience for all of your members."  |

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Celsus is an effective way to manage your online content to enhance the experience for all of your members.

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