Find out why @ALTOperform is the simplest and most effective way to manage staff appraisals in your organisation. #HRchat #appraisals #Alto

Find out why @ALTOperform is the simplest and most effective way to manage staff appraisals in your organisation. #HRchat #appraisals #Alto

Alto | Appraisal Software for Businesses - Derventio Education

Alto | Appraisal Software for Businesses

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Alto is an appraisal tool that empowers employees within your organisation to aspire to achieving collective goals.

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    Proactive development

    Empowering you to be proactive with your own professional development, helping to identify, focus upon, and evidence your training within your personal portfolio.

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    Sharing best practice

    Alto’s intuitive interface allows an overview of employee’s skill sets to be easily identified. Sharing best practice across an organisation is actively encouraged. Alto’s radar diagrams serve as an easy identification of an individual’s skill set. This can help to identify training needs and determine if internal or external training is required. Reviews of external training can quickly be completed to help inform future training planning.

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    Ongoing evidence

    Employees can gather evidence of their development and achievements throughout the year. Achievements can be easily uploaded and viewed by line managers. This enables recognition of their accomplishments. The information gathered can be used to support appraisal, objectives and pay discussions.

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    Achieving objectives

    A transparent and continual appraisal process is established to support employees to achieve their own personal objectives. These objectives can be referenced to whole business aims. This enables employees to appreciate the wider picture and see real value in their work.

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    Consistent communication

    Enables a consistent two-way dialogue throughout the year between employees and their line managers. Alto’s prompt based system ensures that objectives are not forgotten and participants are regularly reminded of forthcoming deadlines. This helps to promote a culture of accountability and fosters teamwork.

  • "We are now able to keep track of the individual journeys that our teachers are making. Everything is held together in one convenient place. The importance of appraising staff is not lost and value does not slip away."

    Anna Lee, Teaching and Learning Improvement Manager, Worcestershire Adult Learning

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Maximise the potential of your business

Ensuring that your improvement plan is a living and working document can be challenging. Alto makes this easy and ensures that all staff feel part of this vital process. You can integrate your improvement processes to ensure that self-evaluation is linked to improvement plans and professional development. This enables everyone to pull in the right direction, together.

Strengths and areas for improvement can be easily identified and analysed within Alto. You can also track and evaluate performance and improvement strategies.

Alto enables all of your employees to clearly see how they are making a difference to your organisation.

  • Involve all staff
  • Bring improvement plans to life
  • Save valuable time & effort
  • Track & evaluate all improvement
  • Integrate all improvement processes
  • Easily demonstrate all improvements

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