Leadership Tips > Tip 4 - Consistently Deliver High Standards Last Modification : 11/05/2018
Stuart Reece
11th May 2018

The very best school leaders inspire confidence in both young people and their colleagues. This can be achieved by adhering to very high standards. Punctuality and following up on all issues is paramount to ensure the smooth running of a school. You must meet deadlines, otherwise, staff will soon lose respect for you. Ensure that your assemblies, staff meetings and INSET training are well planned and thought provoking. This will show that you care and that you adhere to high standards.

Presence is a important characteristic of a senior leader. Avoid spending too much time in front of a computer screen and ensure that you are a regular presence in the corridors. Maintaining a calm and collected persona might sometimes be challenging. However, you must pride yourself on exhibiting these traits. Maintaining a connection with the classroom is strongly advised. This will help you understand the pressure that colleagues are under.

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