SchooliP Overview - Ideal if you are new to the system

We are proud to offer free webinars covering key areas of SchooliP. Each session lasts up to 10 minutes and works best as a 1 to 1 session.


This webinar is ideal if you are new to the system, or would just like a refresher. It covers the three main areas of SchooliP:

  • Performance management
  • School development planning
  • Self-evaluation

The session provides an overview of each area and how to navigate the system. Users are able to gain immediate familiarity with the SchooliP menus.

Following the webinar, participants are well-positioned to impart advice to their colleagues. We can tailor the webinar to your role within your school and what you learn can be directly applied to your system.

SchooliP Overview - Ideal if you are new to the system

How it works:

Complete the form below to request a webinar. You will be sent an email to arrange a convenient time, with a link to access your session. You will be prompted to download an ActiveX control so that you can access the webinar. Please ensure you have SchooliP admin rights prior to your session.

Please take a look at our other webinars and remember that they are available free of charge as part of your SchooliP subscription.

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