Damien Roberts Damien Roberts
03 November 2022, 15:45

Partner Webinar - Providing evidence for the appraisal - when and how to do this?

This 45-minute session on 03/11/2022 @ 15:45 will explore providing evidence for the appraisal.
The webinar will include an overview of the appraisal process outlining the different aspects of setting targets for staff and the evidence gathered to support the meeting of these targets.

This can include monitoring e.g. observations, learning walks and book/work scrutiny. There will also be a discussion around the latest standards to ensure that staff are evidencing and exceeding their requirements. The process of gathering evidence will be outlined to meet these targets, meet the latest standards too and show progress with professional development and hopefully impact the all-important pay progression decisions.

The target audience for this webinar would be all school staff who must complete the appraisal process. This includes support staff as well as teachers, and not forgetting leaders too!

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