To capture the process of development planning within a school, three categories are recommended:

  • Whole School Priorities (strategic targets)
  • Objectives (whole school and departmental)
  • Activities/Tasks

Firstly, a school must decide on those priority strategic areas for improvement. Typically, this relates to an outcome from a previous inspection or may arise from the school's own self-evaluation. Our software, SchooliP provides comprehensive management of your school development planning and integrates this fully into your appraisal process. All activities are focused and linked to your overall school strategic priorities.

SchooliP - School Developing Planning - Identify your priorities

Beneath these priorities, a school can start to create their own plans by devising a series of objectives which may be attributed to a particular subject area or department. These objectives may then be further broken down into the tasks and activities, which are assigned to key personnel. Reminders are sent to staff to inform them of their obligations and development planning becomes transparent. As a result, all tasks are completed on schedule.

Overall, SchooliP empowers leaders to deliver your school improvement plan. Our solutions provides a fully integrated process with accountability throughout. Leaders have immediate access to the information they require to secure improvement.

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