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We are delighted to work with Successful Schools to offer the BRAVOLesson solution to Scandinavian schools.

Successful Schools offer Bravo Lesson - app, web and video for lesson observations and collaborative learning.

SchooliP - Bravo Lesson

Their approach is a simple yet highly effective three step process:


BRAVOLesson can hold any observation template in any language that you want to use so that you can focus on scientifically-based dimensions of great teaching. Use different templates for different situations or departments of your organisation. Gather data for reflection and analysis.


Self-reflection, peer observations, coaching, lesson/learning study, collaboration and appraisal meetings become more specific to gain deeper understanding for discussion and self-reflection. Everyone involved gains perspective on what is actually happening and work together to improve classroom practices.


Reports from observations as well as statistics make analysis possible at an individual, school and school district level. Set objectives. Improve processes and help teachers grow.

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