EdTech Evidence Group

Derventio Education is a member of the EdTech Evidence Group. 

The EEG brings together leading UK EdTech companies who share a belief that there needs to be a step-change in the level of evidence available about EdTech. The EEG believes schools and trusts need to be able to easily assess the value and impact of EdTech products, services and platforms.

The key objectives of the EEG are:

  • Sustain high-quality evidence gathering in members’ own organisations
  • Help improve evidence gathering across the EdTech sector
  • Support schools to understand how they can assess EdTech solutions and platforms
  • Improve communication to schools about how to gather evidence and monitor the impact of EdTech

Using a consistent approach to gathering evidence from our schools and multi-academy trusts allows us to make sure that our product roadmap reflects the true requirements of our growing user base.

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