Bravo Earth

Derventio Education are delighted to be working in partnership with Bravo Earth, a web-based solution that assists businesses in implementing and monitoring their environmental policies.

The technology behind our leading school improvement tool, SchooliP powers Bravo Earth. Business environmental policies are broken down into small achievable actions that relate to employee's daily activities. This encourages staff members to feel empowered and to play an active part in contributing to company environmental goals. Key areas such as transport, utilities and recycling can be categorised and information can be logged with ease. This allows managers to enjoy a wealth of statistical performance reports that will influence future policies.

Overall, Bravo Earth leads to a change in the daily behaviour of employees and puts environmental matters at the forefront of business culture. We are proud to have developed a solution that positively influences environmental strategy.

Bravo Earth

Bravo Earth features easy to answer questions that can be quickly completed (Icelandic version shown above).

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