Welcome to our School Improvement Consultant

I am delighted to welcome Paul Blake to the Derventio Education team. We have worked closely with Paul for a number of years, as a customer of the SchooliP solution, and he now joins us as one of our educational consultants.

Paul brings with him a wealth of experience regarding school improvement and effective leadership. He has written extensively on the subject of education leadership and has also led nationwide training on effective CPD. Paul's career has enabled him to work within a number of rapidly improving schools and he has been responsible for teaching and learning, assessment, CPD, SEND and the curriculum. He is well placed to provide impartial and effective guidance, in relation to school improvement and leadership.

Paul is also an experienced user of SchooliP and understands fully how it can be effectively deployed to support development planning, improve the quality of teaching, clarify and simplify performance management. He has firsthand knowledge as to how SchooliP can help to organise and track staff development, and collate the evidence required for accurate school self-evaluation.

In addition to the SchooliP improvement and performance tool, we are working to build our team with experienced consultants like Paul. This will ensure a holistic school improvement service offering for our existing and new customers.

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