New SchooliP: 
Software has passed the training test!

We promise the bad puns stop there...

As the dedicated training manager, I am very excited to be going through the brand new V.8 of the SchooliP software plus the new innovative performance management App!

We will be scheduling a series of online training sessions to help guide you through the new version. These sessions will be free as with our other online training. However, the new version is easy to use and includes ‘what next’ sections on every page which provide you with a menu including a variety of choices as to what you should or would like to do next. Plus there is a ‘Help’ section at the top of each page which includes relevant information to each specific page. In addition, you have access to the live chat support within software, ideal for quick help and guidance!

So, what’s new?

The new version of SchooliP (V8) features a completely reworked interface with a brand new look and feel to improve the user experience, as well as a number of updates to further meet the requirements of school staff.

We’re also very excited to launch the innovative new SchooliP App! It s the first of its kind and will make using SchooliP even more effective. It will enable you to easily update your performance management progress from a wide range of devices, further increasing engagement throughout the year and facilitating the recording of evidence. The App will ensure images and videos can be easily captured with a device, made automatically available within your SchooliP profile, and linked to your targets. It behaves like other popular social media platforms and works in a way which you and your colleagues are already accustomed too.

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