Moving Performance
 to the Cloud

When looking at the potential impact of any new technology, it’s important to consider the current issues facing the education sector to begin with, and two of the biggest concerns over the past year have been performance management and teacher workload.

When it comes to school improvement and performance management, part of the problem is that most of the documentation is conducted on paper, at sporadic intervals throughout the year. Because of this, the process can feel incredibly static and a chore to manage.

Moving these processes to the cloud not only streamlines administration as all whole-school improvement planning is contained in a central system, in turn reducing the amount of time spent collating materials, but it also means that things can be updated in real-time throughout the year.

For example, if a teacher is preparing for a review for performance-related-pay, instead of gathering the evidence in the form of exercise books right before the meeting, they can provide examples by taking pictures and videos, and upload them as they go, creating a bank of evidence way in advance. Not only this, but with access from mobile phones and tablets, teachers have the freedom to put together these examples at any time.

This type of cloud-based system also means that the school has access to all the data it could possibly need on a whole-school or individual level, so that when it comes to inspection time, they can easily generate reports to demonstrate progress, whether that’s through teacher evidence, or records of communication between staff members and their line managers.

Schools have the opportunity to bring these processes together, along with many others, into one clear central system, in order to better realise the progress and achievements of the whole school.

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