MIS Partnership:

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Arbor MIS.

Their intuitive MIS pulls together all your government, attainment and pupil data in one place to help you benchmark, track and manage your students, school or group. They also provide reports benchmarking your Ofsted, academic, and financial data to show Senior Leaders and governors where your school needs to focus time to improve outcomes.

Customers of SchooliP will be able to utilise their data stored in Arbor automatically within SchooliP. Specified staff information will be transferred from your MIS securely via an encrypted API. As all specified data is automatically synced, any new staff joining will then be automatically added to SchooliP via your MIS. This will save valuable administration time and prevent customers from having to duplicate data entry in multiple systems.

The integration is available with the latest version of the SchooliP software.

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