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James Hilton worked as a headteacher at one of the largest primary schools in the UK. In 2007 he suffered a breakdown brought on by work-related stress. He shares his story in this inspiring book in the hope that it will help others.

Leading from the Edge is the brave and honest account of how James managed to pull himself back from the brink and return to headship equipped with strategies to deal with the day-to-day stresses felt by so many school leaders in UK schools today. This is a one of a kind, provocative analysis of the challenges of leading a 21st century school, interspersed with advice guaranteed to inspire, reassure and help leaders overcome the pressure they are under every single day.

The book includes coping strategies, tips on good nutrition and time management plus you will learn how to identify your own stress levels and causes. James offers guidance on dealing with parents and Ofsted, as well as how to support other teachers who are themselves dealing with stress.

With a foreword from the acclaimed speaker and author on leadership Richer Gerver, this book is a must read for any current or aspiring school leader.

Follow James on Twitter for daily advice on dealing with stress in schools @jameshilton300

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