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Latest Essential Leadership Guide

Naace have released their latest ‘Essential Guide’ focussing on the Self-Review Framework provided by Naace and an overview of research by Anthony Hunt and The Gatehouse Partnership on the impact of educational in over 300 successful ICT Mark Assessments.

The guide discusses various topics surrounding the use of technology within schools and the impact on teaching and learning, school improvement as well as school processes in general. The guide covers various elements within the Naace Self Review Framework which is supported by evidence from ICT Mark award schools, giving you real example of the impact the framework and education technology can have for your school.

There is a particular reference to how the online Self-Review Framework (SRF) ‘is the most effective way of determining where a school is in terms of educational development and how to best plan the next steps for development’. The e-Guide highlights particular ways in which the online SRF benchmarking criteria enables leaders to make strategic decisions, in all types of schools, to maximise the benefits of using education technology to support teaching and learning.

The e-guide also includes information about really useful resources such as the SRF section on the Naace website and a five minute video about how education technology supports teaching and learning.

If you would like to find out more about the Naace e-guides, please visit the Naace website where you can also access the Essential Guide for Senior Management and the SRF plus the other essential guides available.

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