G-Cloud 8:
Awarded Supplier Status

We're delighted to announce that Derventio Education's application for becoming an official supplier for G-Cloud 8 was successful! Over 11,000 services were submitted to this year's framework.

Our presence on the Digital Marketplace means SchooliP may be viewed by institutions involved in the education sector, councils and the Department for Education.

The education sector - includes Universities, Councils and Trusts - spent a total of £13mn on procurement through G-Cloud since it was launched. The Department of Education spent £37mn on procurement alone through the G-Cloud Marketplace. Overall, G-Cloud has received a total spend from buyers of £1.3bn since its launch.

What is G-Cloud?

The Government Cloud Computing (also known as G-Cloud), is a UK Government programme designed to promote the continued growth and adoption of cloud computing. It focuses on the potential of cloud computing and how it can boost the economy's growth and cut costs. The G-Cloud's purpose is to deliver public services through a more efficient and accessible service.

SchooliP is the leading school improvement software which integrates Performance Management, Improvement Planning and Self-evaluation all of which are joined together in one easy to use system.

If you're interested in more information about our awarded supplier status with G-Cloud 8 please get in touch!

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