MIS Integration: Access your SIMS Data in SchooliP

Did you know that SchooliP version 8 now offers MIS integration with Capita SIMS?

Ensure your school is performing as efficiently as possible by centralising all of your school processes. You can now utilise MIS integration with SchooliP, allowing you to access all of your staff data in one place. Any Capita SIMS data will be automatically available within SchooliP and can be utilised however you wish.

This will allow you to save significant time and drastically increase the efficiency of your school as you will no longer have to duplicate work or manually pull information from separate systems.

In addition to MIS integration with Capita SIMS, we’re pleased to also offer integration with iSams, RM Integris, ScholarPack, Advanced Learning Progresso, Advanced Learning Facility/CMIS, Arbor and Bromcom.


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