Utilising Zoom and Microsoft Teams to record and annotate your lessons

With the onset of COVID-19 and the necessity to devise new methods of delivering lessons, many schools have opted to use online video conferencing tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

SchooliP has the potential to utilise these video recordings of lessons, meaning that a permanent record of a lesson can be created for reflection and feedback. 

The timeline feature within SchooliP allows annotations or timestamps to be attributed to exact moments in a lesson. This means that feedback has greater meaning and clips of the recording can be reviewed to ensure greater clarity and improve understanding. Self-reflective comments can also be added. The accuracy of lesson observations can be improved significantly as feedback does not need to be rushed. Likewise, feedback can be targeted at specific moments during a lesson, for example, reviewing a plenary activity.

Overall, video lesson observations are a great means of generating a more reflective culture. Education is changing in front of our eyes and the recording of lessons is likely to become more and more common as distance learning increases. At present, it is an opportunity to enhance teaching to help provide more purposeful learning for students.

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