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The Paperless School - Innovate My School

Find out how SchooliP removes paper from appraisal processes.

Damien RobertsDamien Roberts
October 2021

“Technology is best when it brings people together.” - Matt Mullenweg, American entrepreneur

The beginning of the new millennium saw an influx of portable devices into the classroom. Ever since, debate amongst teachers has raged on the appropriateness of laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones in the learning environment. Whilst technology can aid learning, there is concern over declining standards, unnecessary distractions and its actual role in purposeful learning.

Students still sit their examinations in sports halls with a pen in hand. Therefore, the mastery of penmanship is still required. However, smartphones, the cloud and programming are a world away from tradition. They represent valuable learning opportunities that could impact on the future careers of students. Vocabularies have changed, and the phrase ‘Google it’ is firmly embedded into our culture. Concern exists that spelling, punctuation and grammar is in decline. Furthermore, handwriting may be in decline with pressure to drop the teaching of the cursive style. Many students prefer to type and the workplace is becoming more technology driven.

Teachers once completed their reports by hand, and staff workrooms were awash with folders and various piles of paper. Today, reporting software means that comments banks, targets and character limits are increasingly the norm. Concern exists over reports lacking individuality and creativity. Many examinations are now marked online and virtual portfolios can be assessed on devices. Time is precious and innovators are constantly devising new ways to streamline school processes.

Whilst some grumbles over the appropriateness of technology will always exist, it is apparent that it will never fully satisfy all of the people, all of the time. However, it will always drive improvement and offer solutions. Change is apparent, and at Derventio Education we pride ourselves on utilising technology to enhance learning and improve schools. The notion of a paperless school is not a reality yet; however, it is an increasing trend. Our product, SchooliP, is performance-management software that prides itself on collaboration. Our prompt-based system drives improvement planning and self-evaluation. We are proud to remove paper from your appraisal process.

Going into 2018, we’re taking the above very much into account, and hope that you’ll join us on the journey. Please contact info@derventioeducation.com or 0333 0433 450, to find out more.

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