How to make PRP
less challenging

Making performance related pay (PRP) a fair and transparent process sounds obvious enough but making sure this is the case, can be tricky.  Whether you are coming to the end of your appraisal cycles or have already started a new cycle, making PRP less of a challenge is something you can focus on throughout the academic year.  How do you make sure that those vital elements which contribute to this process happen?

Elements such as:

  • Communication – staff members and managers need easy and effective ways to communicate regularly, face-to-face is important but isn’t always possible so there have to be other channels.

  • Objectives Focus – considering objectives at all times is not always easy but they should be consistently focused upon.

  • Evidence – it can be a last minute scramble to gather evidence from various different places before an appraisal meeting so central storage for these is a must .

  • Support – it’s not always easy to ask for help or to recognise that someone needs support but enabling and identifying this is key to supporting staff to achieve.

The trick if you can call it that, is to ensure there are no surprises for staff or for line managers, by the time you get to a PRP discussion you want the whole process to have been clear and transparent.  This helps to avoid any awkward conversations which let’s face it, no one wants to have.

On the other hand, it also makes it easy to recognise and reward those staff who are achieving their goals, throughout the year and not just in the end of year review.  This and all of the above helps staff to feel valued and supported which is something we all appreciate from our employers.

It’s worth noting the mention of ‘staff’ throughout this post, as it should be all staff that are supported in this way, not merely the teachers.  Whilst the teachers are vital and we’d never take away the high value of their role, all staff play a part in making the school work and should be treated in the same way.  Not to mention that if you’re Ofsted inspected, they do of course look for this.

Ultimately, the SchooliP solution can help with all of the above, effectively and easily ensuring:

  • Communication – the SchooliP blog tool makes it easy to talk when a face-to-face is not possible, plus all dialogue can be recorded within the system, ensuring that previous conversations can be revisited if required.

  • Objectives Focus – the SchooliP system encourages staff to review objectives throughout the year, they are empowered to achieve their own objectives and to manage their own performance.

  • Evidence – SchooliP allows staff to upload evidence directly to their performance portfolio including images and video’s from any device (mobile/tablet).

  • Support – SchooliP helps managers to support their staff, providing them with different channels to communicate, and making it easily accessible to see where each staff member is in terms of their objectives and if you wish against various standards (Teachers’ standards, health and safety, etc.).

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