Ensure a proactive &
integrated CPD approach

Once again the quality of teaching is being discussed in the news, in particular the proposed new tests for trainee teachers. All of this has a familiar feel regarding the seemingly ever present debate about the standards of teaching within schools and the quality of teaching which is being supplied to pupils.

An important aspect of this situation is the relevance of teacher’s Continual Professional Development. Whilst the majority of schools are implementing numerous strategies to ensure the CPD of their teaching staff is maintained there is little or no analysis of the effectiveness of such CPD.

One issue is the correct aligning of CPD with the overall School Development Plan is not occurring. The strategy for CPD tends to be very reactive or in some cases simply because there is some budget left so send teachers of on a course. This approach whilst meeting basic CPD needs does very little to enhance the quality of teaching or raise the overall standing of the school in relation to Ofsted inspections.

SchooliP has consulted with numerous leading educational professionals including head teachers, consultants and academic experts. The conclusion was that a proactive, integrated approach to CPD needs is required in order to achieve correlation between the teachers needs and the overall school needs.

The results of these discussions and conclusions has led the SchooliP development team to ensure that SchooliP is the only School Development Solution which proactively links the CPD needs of teachers directly into the School Development Plan. Through SchooliP Head Teachers and members of the SLT can proactively identify any CPD, training needs or teaching enhancements and then implement the required interventions to alleviate such needs.

The ability to identify such needs through the SEF and then integrate cross the Development Plan and individual teachers CPD records ensure that consistency is maintained. The outcomes of any training directly impact upon both the teachers’ ability and the ability of the school to continue exceeding its targets.

The result of such unique integration is that schools can enhance their effectiveness whilst simultaneously streamlining internal processes to save not just time but money. By identifying real CPD issues through proper analysis Schools employing the SchooliP solution can achieve increased ROI on any CPD/training courses completed. The ability to store all associated evidence and documentation in a central repository actively aids the school when asked to produce the evidence for such circumstances as an Ofsted inspection.

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