Stress free reporting of
all CPD activities

Governors and other key stakeholders wanting to see evidence of the impact of CPD spending for your school?

So, you have a governor or key stakeholder meeting coming up and they have requested information regarding CPD spending and the impacts across school, what do you do? Do you sit and go through piles and piles of paperwork or try and navigate your way through a densely populated spreadsheet and then cross reference this against staff areas for development and appraisal outcomes? Then, condense all this information into a handy, easy to read report...simple right?

Along with some senior school leaders, we thought there must be a much easier and quicker way, to tackle this (currently) very daunting task! That’s why we have developed performance management and CPD as an integrated process within SchooliP, which means all of this information is automatically available to export as a pre-assembled report – stress and hassle free!

How does it work?

All school improvement processes can be organised, controlled and evidenced within SchooliP. If within an appraisal/performance review it is outlined that a particular area of development is raised, this can be flagged to the CPD coordinator, who in turn can assign any relevant courses to that individual.

The individual can then attend the course, leave feedback and then evidence the impact of that CPD activity. When the area for development comes up for review and the line manager outlines that it has been achieved, this information can all be documented within the system. The CPD coordinator can then pull an automatically generated report which shows the cost of the course, the impact and all outcomes. This report can then be shared with any interested party, for the purpose of justifying costs and impacts.

The system allows you to pull reports for individuals, departments/key stages or even the whole school. This allows leaders to be better informed on how their budget is being spent, track impacts and see overall progress towards achieving the best possible standard of teaching and learning within your school.

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