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Step by step guide for effective Raising Attainment Plans

Free step-by-step guide on how RAPS should be written in order to communicate effectively the strategic vision to all e.g. staff and governors.

Richard Morley Richard Morley
October 2021

In partnership with our School Improvement Consultants, SchoolPro TLC, we have put together a 'Step by Step Guide for Effective Raising Attainment Plans’.

The following article outlines how effective RAPs will support your school to raise attainment and the free document download, located at the bottom of this article, will guide you through the creation of a high quality and effective RAP, featuring an easy to follow step-by-step guide and a suggested template format for planning, allocating, evidencing and reviewing attainment.

A Raising Attainment Plan is aimed at all the stakeholders in your school, including class teachers, teaching assistants and the governing body and can also be used as evidence for external inspection bodies. 

Producing and managing the Raising Attainment Plan (RAP)

 The RAP will drive improvement against your school priorities and is informed by your school development plan (SDP) and self-evaluation (SEF). It is not merely a statement of intent but an instrument that drives your school improvement. Progress towards targets is monitored and evaluated frequently. A RAP is suitable for use in schools or academy trusts where the priority is to raise attainment and/or achievement of any particular cohort or targeted group e.g. boys, gifted and talented etc.

The RAP will:

  • Provide a detailed, time-limited map that translates priorities into action
  • Aligns the work of your school (and any external support) around the agreed priorities and maintains a sharp focus
  • Identifies clear lines of accountability for actions and outcomes and supports all stakeholders in understanding their responsibilities linked to the priorities

A high quality and effective RAP:

    • Ensures that the work of your school and any external support is clearly focused upon the same, agreed, set of priorities
    • Translates priorities into actions quickly, and maintains a sharp focus
    • Creates a sense of urgency for achieving progress
    • Identifies clear lines of accountability, ensuring there is one named person identified as accountable for each action
    • Is informed by all available and relevant data
    • Is accessible to and understood by all of your staff and governors
    • Has clear and precisely dated milestones for progress that are set out in a way that facilitates monitoring and evaluation which should be carried out at least every half term

The RAP supports your school’s drive to:

  • Meet and exceed national targets for all groups of children
  • Ensure your school’s systems and processes will sustain improvements raising attainment of all pupils each year as well as ensuring those who have been underachieving make accelerated progress
  • Ensure that all activity is concentrated on agreed success criteria and its measurement includes that of pupil progress
  • Produce a balance between the short term needs of those young people very close to their GCSE/SAT examinations and longer term strategic actions to build capacity and ensure that improvements are sustainable

Found this insight useful? You might also like our free Pupil Premium Strategy document and templates. You can also utilise the suggested templates outlined in the download below within SchooliP, as part of an integrated school improvement system. 

Download the free step-by-step guide below and find out how RAPS should be written in order to communicate effectively the strategic vision to all e.g. staff and governors.

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