Spending Review: What
does it mean for your school?

What does the spending review mean for your school & how can you make sure that the quality of teaching and learning does not suffer?

Starting with the good points, it is very positive that the government has made the decision to develop a national funding formula for schools. This should end the unfair system where a child from a disadvantaged background in one school attracts half as much funding as a child in identical circumstances in another school, simply because of where they live. The reform which aims to be in place by 2017, with detailed consultation in 2016, will give more certainty over future budgets, empowering head teachers to take decisions long term.

However, the £600 million Education Services Grant will be cut, with the government reducing the local authorities role in running schools and phasing out the additional funding schools receive through the Education Services Grant.

"We are also investing £23 billion in the school estate to rebuild schools, open hundreds of new ones and create hundreds of thousands more school places." - Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State, Department for Education

"There is significant scope to increase institutions efficiency and productivity." - Treasury, Department for Education

A key area we think could be effected most by budget cuts is CPD:

Tighter budgets place a real importance on a schools’ ability to nurture talent already available within their school or academy as spending on CPD is likely to be less available. In addition, any CPD activities that are funded will need to show real impact not only to the individual but for wider school improvement. Feedback that we have received is that it is often difficult for the CPD coordinator to monitor the impact of CPD across school, and in turn, teachers find it difficult to show improvement without an evidence trial, outlining the impact over time.

We believe it is important to make the most of any funding and make sure any cuts in funding does not impact the quality of teaching and learning. We also think that with the investment in the infrastructure, this means that schools will be getting larger with more staff to manage. In order to ensure you are performing efficiency and productively you need a system which allows you to integrate all school improvement processes, no matter how large your school is.

SchooliP allows you to:

Maximising the return on investment for CPD expenditure by outlining key skills acquired as the result of a CPD activity which can then be facilitated throughout school.

Track the impact on teaching and learning ensuring all activities are a worthwhile investment.

Supports ALL staff by allowing them to collect evidence to show impact of CPD which is then held within a centralised system. The system has the capability to store years worth of evidence so the evidence you need is always available.

"Before SchooliP I spent an average of 3 hours per week preparing CPD reports, now they are pushed to me automatically in SchooliP."

Integrated CPD is just one of the many areas of school improvement that is included within the SchooliP software. Find out more about Performance Management, Improvement Planning and Self Evaluation which are all included as part of the software and are all explicitly linked together.

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