Sharing Best Practice:
The power of collaboration 

The power of collaboration…

…we all know it’s a good idea but how many of us actually get time to collaborate with colleagues?

Professional development is a focus for all teaching staff and no doubt you now have at least some of your CPD planned for the academic year, in-line with your appraisal objectives. However, taking the time to collaborate in peer-to-peer discussions is not something that everyone plans in but can be very rewarding.

Sharing best practice whether it’s hint and tips, things that have worked (or haven’t, these are always good to know too), or information from a course you or your colleagues have attended, can be extremely powerful. I know from speaking with teachers over the years and from personal experience, that these sessions tend to work best in smaller groups. Making sure there is a key focus before the session starts is a good idea and enables all colleagues to prepare, not just those that may well be leading the session. Real examples are always really good to use and give context to the best practice that you are trying to share. It’s also a good idea to have a dedicated note taker, as session information can then be shared with group afterwards as well as with other colleagues across the school.

If targeting specific objectives, focus can be placed around individual or group aims, and more often than not, this is a very positive experience for everyone involved. The purpose of a collaborative session is never to evaluate someone else’ experience but discussing strengths and weaknesses openly, can help to support you and your colleagues to get the most out of a session.

Whether you’re looking to schedule a collaborative session, add it as part of your CPD within your professional development profile, or share best practice online, SchooliP can help. The online tool supports all school staff to effectively work collaboratively, sharing knowledge and skillsets as and when required.

Consider collaborative sessions as free CPD, and like many schools we work with, we’re sure you’ll be able to maximise the time to your benefit.

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