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As a school leader, I understand the importance of time and the value of being efficient with time. Schools are extremely busy places and keeping track of the core business of a school – teaching and learning is a profoundly difficult and time-consuming process.

What a school leadership team really wants and needs is to have effective systems that allow for ease of input, ease of output and provide reliable, evidence-based information that can drive a school forward.

In my experience of school management, hours upon hours have been wasted by many senior and middle managers in schools trying to capture evidence of what is actually going on. Senior leaders have often become bogged down in evidence finding and writing up their observations rather than being part of a slick, efficient and meaningful process of school self-analysis and review.

SchooliP is a school performance and analysis system that takes away all of that wasted time and puts the school back in control of what it is doing and how it is doing. Being able to easily track and manage teacher and staff appraisals using SchooliP's digital tools is very helpful. Furthermore, using this information to identify progress against the school improvement plan at a whole school level, as well as measure and benchmark school performance against the latest Ofsted frameworks is what SchooliP does so well.

SchooliP does what all school leadership teams have been doing their best at doing in a time-efficient, reliable and effective way. The dashboard features provide real-time, clear overviews that allow for teams to share clear and objective data in order to plan for further improvement.

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The SchooliP software readily integrates with the main MIS systems that schools will be using, this allowing for integration of the tracking of standards, appraisals and professional development with the school personnel.

With the growth of multi-academy trusts, SchooliP also provides an integrated product for measuring performance across schools within a school group which, in turn, allows for comparison discussions to be more effective for a multi-academy trust when looking at their portfolio of schools.

Probably most importantly for a school leadership team is dealing with a company and team who know what they are doing and that you can rely on and trust. SchooiP is a Derventio Education product and, as such, has a guarantee of being developed and managed by a team who are dedicated to continual support for schools to improve. The passion is there in the product and in the support service that is provided.

For me, I would implement SchooliP in a school or MAT straight away. I would certainly recommend requesting a demo and trial and speaking with the company. It is a long journey to provide effective and reliable staff performance management in schools and link it to the on-going school development. Schools that have a clear and transparent software system that can be easily and readily understood and used by and between leadership teams and teaching staff will be going a long way to creating an environment of excellence in terms of current and future individual and school performance.

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