SBM standards:
Tiers of contribution

This is part 2 of my blog post on the new ISBL School Business Managers’ Standards. Within part one, I broke down the six main professional disciplines of school business management, along with six principal behaviours required to be effective in the school business management profession.

This post is about the 4 tiers which reflect the level of contribution a School Business Manager is making in order to achieve each of the functions, that feed into the attainment of a particular standard.

The tiers outline the expected levels of professional practice; from an entry level up to a senior strategic level. Every function which links to a standard has a breakdown from 1-4 for the level of contribution. This allows you to compare your level of contribution to each function and benchmark it against the tiers, which is ideal for providing evidence for appraisals and outlining next steps for improvement.

However, in addition to the 6 main professional disciplines, the principal behaviours are also broken down into the tiered system. This allows you to outline the personal behaviours that a school business management professional needs to demonstrate in order to undertake their role and the level that a business manager currently resides in.

The purpose of these standards is so that School Business Managers have a framework to benchmark themselves against, so they know more clearly what their role involves, their behavioural characteristics and their current, expected and future level of contribution. However, this could be difficult track and provide evidence for and that is where SchooliP can help. SchooliP will allow you to:

  1. Utilise the School Business Managers’ Standards for self-reflection within the target setting process.
  2. Collect evidence to support the attainment of the standards, held within a centralised system. The system has the capability to store years worth of evidence so the evidence you need is always available.
  3. Allows SBM to self rate with tailored ratings, which line managers can then appraise.
  4. Access comprehensive reports in relation to the standards, initiating the process of improvement and engagement.

You can find all of the details about the ISBL School Business Managers’ Standards here.

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