Primary School Termly Teacher Consultation - Free Template

We recognise that school staff are the most valuable resource that a school processes. Therefore; staff need to feel valued and supported. As appraisal specialists, we find regular supportive engagement with staff to be the key to their development. Regular staff professional discussions help staff to stay focused and motivated. It provides an opportunity to discuss successes, and progress towards meeting their appraisal and improvement objectives.

Recording a professional discussion

It is essential that the process of any professional discussions are communicated to staff. Effective communication is imperative to ensure that staff appreciate their value and that they are not seen as a 'big brother' style exercise. The focus should always be on improvement and how teaching and learning can be enhanced.

You are welcome to download our free template for a primary school termly teacher consultation.

Have you ever encountered SchooliP?

Our cloud-based solution SchooliP is the simplest and most effective way to manage staff professional discussions in schools. We are proud to support schools with a wide range of improvement processes including appraisals, school development planning, self-evaluation and professional development.

Recording Interim Reviews in SchooliP

Using SchooliP means that all data is collated in one central place and paper is completely removed from the appraisal process. Leaders are able to determine the strengths and areas for development for individual teachers. On a collective note, trends can be identified and support mechanisms can be put in place. The bespoke nature of our software means that specific forms can be uploaded.

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