Inspection Insight: Evidence
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An insight into being inspection ready and a solution for how to tackle the key changes which are more difficult to evidence. 

In Ofsted’s latest inspection information, they place significant weight on improving ‘staff practice and teaching through performance management and appropriate professional development’ and ‘taking into account’ the views of the teaching staff and how to use this for ‘sustainable improvement’. This requires a school to have evidence of their strategic objectives and how staff appraisal objectives are linked to these and any opportunities for improvement are being utilised effectively. 

Every school has their own method of monitoring this information whether through endless paper trails or series of spreadsheets, which let’s be honest is a bit of a chore and not always efficient. 

Worry not, SchooliP has a solution to have all this evidence available at a push of a button. The software is centred around your whole school priorities integrating self-evaluation, improvement planning and performance management producing comprehensive reports - ideal for inspections.

Whenever performance management is mentioned to teaching staff it’s usually met with apprehension which shouldn’t be the case. SchooliP allows staff to take control of their own continual professional development and upload their own evidence to show how they are working towards achieving their objectives. Evidence can be uploaded all year round securely to the cloud based software meaning assembling evidence is no longer a last minute chore before an appraisal, but instead an ongoing process that teaching staff can engage with. With the introduction of Performance Related Pay, having evidence to support objectives has never been more important.

For SLT, the software allows for a comprehensive overview of how their teaching staff’s personal objectives are linked to wider school improvement. The software also outlines particular strengths within their staffing team which can be utilised across school.

Plus if you haven't seen them already, Ofsted published some useful leaflets last week regarding what inspectors will expect to see...

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