Implement an effective
peer observation programme

Peer to Peer Observations

With the new advanced lesson observation capabilities of SchooliP it is now possible for schools and Academies to effectively implement a ‘Peer Observation Programme’ .

“Peer observation of teaching for development purposes is a collaborative and reciprocal process whereby one peer observes another’s teaching and provides supportive and constructive feedback. The underlying rationale is to encourage (continued) professional development in teaching and learning through critical reflection, by both observer and observee.” Lublin, 2002.

For more information and a real life case study on a Peer Observation Programme click here

When observing it is important to ask the right questions

‘Millions saw the apple fall but Newton was the one who asked why’
Bernard Mannes Baruch

With SchooliP you can easily tailor each observation form and define the content in terms of which questions should be asked. This heightened flexibility ensures you ask the right questions and are able to capture the correct responses so you can effectively utilise the information in relation to managing the continuous improvement for all staff.

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