News: New inspection

As of the 3rd of September all schools inspected by Ofsted must achieve a minimum ‘good’ grade to be judged as acceptable.

The bar is being raised for all school inspections and this will make it ever more difficult for schools to continue to meet the expectations required of them. The key changes to the framework are:

  • To be judged ‘outstanding’, a school must have outstanding teaching. Not every lesson needs to be outstanding but over time schools must show outstanding teaching is helping pupils make excellent progress.
  • From today a new grade ‘requires improvement’ replaces the ‘satisfactory’ grade. Satisfactory should never have been more than a staging post on a school’s journey towards providing a good or outstanding education for all children.
  • Schools judged satisfactory at the end of August 2012 will have a clean slate before being inspected by the end of the academic year 2013/14, but schools that have already been judged inadequate and given a notice to improve will be treated as schools that have ‘serious weaknesses’.
  • Schools will be notified of an inspection by telephone the afternoon before the inspection starts. This means inspectors will see schools as they really are whilst giving headteachers and governors the opportunity to be present at the inspection.

These are difficult challenges for schools, there will have to be a number of changes to the way they operate in order to adhere to these tougher guidelines.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

SchooliP can actively aid all schools, be they Primary, Secondary or Academies to meet and exceed these standards. The School Development Planner holistically links all aspects of your ‘Whole School Priorities’ with the Staff Performance Manager, which ensures that all staff members are effectively contributing, and the Self-Evaluation Form which identifies key areas for improvement.

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