Multi Academy Trusts and SchooliP

Take a look at how SchooliP can benefit multi academy trusts

Damien Roberts Damien Roberts
October 2021


Derventio Education recognise the growing number of Multi Academy Trusts. The power of SchooliP as a monitoring tool means that performance management can be carefully observed across academies. Here we fully explain our multi academy trust view feature.

MAT View

The trust view enables Executive Headteachers and Chief Executives to have an overview of performance management across their academies. Managing a large number of staff on different sites is a significant challenge. However, SchooliP means that a wealth of data is available to enhance decision making. For instance, the achievement of whole academy objectives, CPD uptake and self evaluation forms can be be viewed with ease. This information can be utilised to help set an agenda for meetings.

The Power of SchooliP

SchooliP can successfully identify the best performing academies and pinpoint establishments that require additional support. This helps to target resources effectively and identify priorities for your trust. Our question level reporting feature means that standards throughout a MAT can be compared. This help to establish a group identity for a MAT and help to determine priorities.

Supporting Staff

On an individual level, rising stars and colleagues that require assistance can be easily identified within the trust. This can help to manage CPD and ensure that staff are motivated. This can help to establish pathways to further careers and assign additional support. CPD needs and attendance can be tracked and compared throughout the trust.

Product Development - Video Lesson Observation

Our latest innovation is video lesson observations. The ability to record teachers delivering lessons in the classroom means there is a permanent record to share. This can be shared throughout a trust to help standardise lesson observation criteria. However, it is of greater value in sharing best practice. Annotations means that feedback can be pinpointed to specific moments in a lesson on a timeline. This is particularly helpful in giving effective feedback.

Overall, we are committed to supporting multi academy trusts in providing software that enables teachers, departments, faculties and academies improve. To find out more about SchooliP and our MAT view feature, please do call us on 0333 0433 450 or contact us via email:

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